Understanding the online tools to maximise your marketing efficiency and budget can be overwhelming, meaning it's often outsourced entirely.

At Arthur St Digital, we are on a mission to preach what we practice - offering digital marketing training to our clients and anyone looking to increase their digital skills and take the reigns of a business's marketing output.

We offer hands-on digital marketing workshops to a range of clients, not only explaining the processes with easy to understand terminology, but also the applicable skills through practical experience.

We hand you the keys - giving you an active understanding of what it takes to drive a brand's marketing efforts.

Our training workshops are tailored to your ability and business needs. We upskill both individuals and teams across all industries and business sizes, including:

  • Small to Medium Businesses
  • Startups
  • Marketing teams
  • Executives

If you're new to digital marketing, we introduce you to the fundamental elements to kickstart your capabilities.

If you're looking to enhance your online operation via further digital learning, we'll provide you with actionable skills to implement for immediate impact. 

What We Cover


  • The Australian Digital Marketing Landscape 


  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

-  Keyword Research

-  Link building

-  Web tool training

-  Google Analytics


  •  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

-  Google AdWords


  • Social Media

-  Paid Advertising Campaigns - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

-  Content strategies

- Customer Audiences

- Campaign Tracking and Code Implementation

We offer:

- One Day Digital Marketing Intensive

- Two Day Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course

- Coaching


Upcoming Training Dates

Melbourne: Two Day Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course

       February 2018 - 23nd and 23rd

Geelong: Two Day Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course

       December 2017 - 6th and 7th

      February 2018 - 14th and 15th


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